Collecting and sharing the folktales & ghost stories of Southern California. 

These are our stories. Let us tell them once more & re-enchant our world.

These are our stories...
Have you spent your life hearing stories of the Bell Witch of Tennessee, The Jersey Devil, Babe and the Blue Ox  - and wondered why none of these colorful characters ever came from right here in good old Southern California?

Well, the fact is, we have PLENTY of folklore legends of our own and it's time to grab them out of the darkness, one at a time, blow the dust off and tell their stories to a new generation.

Join me each month as we highlight a different folktale from Southern California, separate the fact from the fiction and let some of our forgotten but fantastic folklore heroes have their day in the sun. 

Susan Burns has lived in Los Angeles for the last 15 years.  

Raised in Tennessee, ghost stories, folktales urban legends were just part of the magic of growing up. With this podcast, she hopes to share some of that magic with others here in Southern California.

Susan has a degree in Speech/Theatre from Middle Tennessee State University, which included specialty classes in Folklore and Storytelling.  Susan is currently a member of the Western States Folklore Society.